The best way to clean the windows of a car

Keep your car with the windows clean is a safety issue. Become familiar with the stains may be inadvertently potential danger while driving. The windows dirty may obscure vision, especially at night or during a storm. Do not add risk to driving clean car windows regularly.

What you will use

Take a lint-free towel to absorb moisture. Squeeze the cloth or microfiber cloths; those designed for windscreens are best. Do not use newspaper because it could leave ink residue and stains; paper towels can leave lint. A cleaner General of windows containing ammonia and could leave noxious fumes inside the vehicle. Ammonia is also bad for tinted windows. A cleaner specifically designed to clean the windows of vehicles is your best option; most do not contain ammonia, but confirms this by reading the ingredients. A product that repels rain, as it could be Rain-X helps improve visibility when applied outside the windows.


Spray a generous amount of cleaner on the window and not on the cloth. Do not skimp but not saturate the surface of the window. With four jets is enough to clean a typical side window. To reach the top of the windows side, you lower them a bit and then clean the area; dry with a clean cloth and then upload it. A window clean for a time and immediately dry it, always starting from the top. Rub the window until all stripes are gone. Lift the wiper to clean the windshield.