How to Replace a window regulator on a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville



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Disconnect the negative battery cable car if the car is equipped with power windows. Make sure the glass of the window is completely rolled before doing this or to proceed with a manual model window.


Remove the crank window from inside door panel if the car is equipped with manual windows: Click the panel to expose the clamp handle and pull the clip with a small hook tool.

Open in all control panels, reflectors and cover panels in the lining of smaller panel with a mounting plate stick. Disconnect the electrical connectors for all devices that leverage as controls for the power windows.

Unscrew and remove the cover door handle with a screwdriver and pry along the edge of the panel with a flat screwdriver or large cuts of wood. Remove the panel and then remove the plastic behind WaterShield.

Ribbon window glass to the window frame of the door.

Loosen the bolts connecting the regulator to drink about 3-4 turns with a wrench, and then lower the regulator about 3/4 of the way until it separates from the cup.

Disconnect the electrical connector of the engine of the window, if necessary, then remove the adjusting bolts with a wrench and remove the regulator.

Install the new driver in the window with his vines. Connect the motor connector, if necessary; slide the controller to the glass and the glass strip to the regulator.

Reconnect the trim panel using clips and replace the cover door handle with screws. Reconnect the electrical connectors and small trim panels.

Replace the crank window for the car, if the use of your clip is needed.

Remove the tape from the cup.

Reconnect the battery cable.