Laminated or tempered windshields which is better

As in the whole issue related to spare parts, the best option to change the windshield will always be the original supplied by the same representative of the brand. However, if you want to opt for another alternative, it is best to use a laminated windshield.

In the case of having an accident and the windshield broke, the glass will be held together by the internal plastic sheet that counts; precisely, this is the main difference between a laminated windshield and a tempered windshield.

The tempered windshield does not have an internal sheet and when it breaks it will fragment into many parts, being able to generate some consequence with the users who are inside or outside the car.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the laminated windshield has other advantages over tempering, since it filters a greater percentage of ultraviolet rays and also acts better as an acoustic insulator.