No water comes out of the windshield wipers

The windshield wipers help to visualize the road correctly in case of adverse weather conditions such as snow or rain. The mechanism of a windshield wiper is quite simple: there is a tank where water is stored with a special cleaning product and this is expelled through a system of hoses due to the action of an electric pump.

Thanks to this device, at the push of a button, the driver can get rid of the dirt and rain on the windshield for a clearer view of the road. However, this is an element of the car that often tends to suffer minor breakdowns and if sometimes no water comes out of the windshield wipers, this is due to factors such as low temperatures, the accumulation of dirt or simply, the wear caused by the passage of the windshield. Weather.

Why does not water come out of the windshield wiper?

If, when activating the windshield wipers, no water comes out or it comes out with less flow than usual, it is possible that the cause is that the tank is empty, in this case all that is necessary is to fill it with more cleaning liquid. In the market there are several products of this type, and each driver can choose one adapted to their needs: windshield wiper fluid for winter, summer, rain, anti-lime or special odors.

In case of emergency you can resort to the manufacture of a homemade liquid that will serve as a temporary measure. For this it is only necessary to mix two parts of water with one of glass cleaner or dishwasher. In winter it is advisable to add a little vinegar or ammonia to prevent the mixture from freezing. Before recharging the tank it is recommended to clean it thoroughly to remove the dirt, then pour the liquid with the help of a funnel up to the indicated stop.

Dirt in the windshield wipers

The dirt not only accumulates in the tank, it is common that it is also deposited in the system of ducts formed by meshes, nozzles and hoses; this will cause obstructions that will prevent the fluid from leaving with the proper fluidity. To solve this problem either compressed air or a long wire should be used to drag the dust particles and then clean with plenty of water. When cleaning these elements it is possible to find that one of them is broken or damaged, in which case it will be necessary to replace it with a new one. In the market these parts are sold separately, so the driver should only worry about finding the right one for his car.

If once checked that the fluid levels are appropriate, and that tank, hoses and nozzles are in good condition, still no water comes out of the windshield wipers, it is very possible that the diagnosis is an electrical fault. To check the condition of the pump, it is necessary to move the ignition key until the car switches off, then disconnect the connector from the pump and start the car again. When you turn on the windshield wiper you should feel a vibration, this means that the pump receives electricity. Otherwise, it will be necessary to change the pump, some of its fuses or some other electrical component.