Resetting the windshield weather-strip

The rubber seal around the windshield of your vehicle helps hold forming an airtight seal that prevents losses. Sunlight, aggressive climate, ozone and other forms of dirt and impurities are harmful to rubber. When this age, it deteriorates, it becomes hard and brittle and finally break. A windshield weather strip spent impairs the appearance of your car and makes the windshield less secure. Repair and restore the seal is an easy procedure and much cheaper to do that you do a professional.


  1. Protects the adjoining areas of the windshield and the car with blue painters tape.
  2. Clean the rubber seal with alcohol and a rag. This will remove dirt, impurities, dirt and rust. Continue cleaning until it does not stick almost no black on the cloth.
  3. Clean the rubber frame with a cleaner and degreaser for cars. Under sprayed with the cleaner and uses an abrasive pad to clean it.
  4. Cut out the broken edges of the gum with a penknife. Damaged areas with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth the rough edges.
  5. Fill cracks, tears and gouges with urethane caulk. Clean the grout with a damp cloth and let dry completely. Gently sanding the repaired areas with 220 grit sandpaper until smooth.
  6. Apply a rubber dye to restore the color. The dye frames gum is the best way to restore the color. Purchase dye as part Rubber Black Forever in a store spare parts. The dye for the frame is easy to use and comes with a foam applicator tip. Apply the stain evenly and smooth with the applicator tip. Whether the frame is much worn, you may need to repeat this step.
  7. Spray the frame with a rubber protector. Protective like Pinnacle Rubber & Vinyl Protectant are also available in stores parts. Are easily applied and protect rubber against UV damage and ozone.