Recommended before repairing a windshield

The most important thing to know is that windshield repairs, must be made ​​as soon as possible –

This is because the damaged his windshield area (mainly open lines), is exposed to different sources of contamination, which are introduced into the fracture of the windscreen, such as chemical waste clean glasses used Windshield washer, dust, mud, contaminated water, and also are those who own initiative decide to apply nail polish or some glue on the harm in glass, which constitutes a serious type of pollution and difficult to perform a professional windshield repair.

Any contamination that enters the damaged windshield area cannot be cleaned, which is why “insist” to inform the windshield repair should be done as soon as possible to get much more invisible and lasting results, ie a repair optimum windshield.

Helpful tips before repairing your windshield:

  • Avoid the windshield heat or cool too
  • Avoid moisture, i.e. not wet the windshield.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes in the windshield (this can extend and open the damage facilitating pollution)