That is windshield repair

When a stone or other object impacting a windshield and breaks, fills a gap that originates air immediately. Sometimes this crack can be accompanied by crushed glass, which together with the air causes distortion and becomes visible to the human eye. Unless quickly repaired, the small impact can be opened and spread to the point where the only option is replacement.

In many cases our customers seeking this service for the first time are undecided between replace or repair your damaged windshield. This is normal and is mainly due to the lack of information about what is actually a repair is able to offer. Often who offers the service creates very high expectations so customers get the job.

However, by not fulfilling these promises is precisely where he began a dissatisfied customer. Before starting any repair, we explain to our customers what the possible outcome of the repair, because honesty is the best example of respect for our customers. The repair procedure is handmade and is to replace all the damaged areas of glass a sophisticated resin.

This resin restores optical clarity and resistance welding windshield as consistent as the original windshield. In general, we can say that the Main objective of seeking redress is to avoid changing the windshield, preserving the factory sealed and avoiding the risk of incorrect installation. However, a timely repair also offers the following benefits.

Returns to the windshield original structural strength and integrity. It stops the progression of damage permanently. Improved optical clarity in the impact zone between 60% and 95% in most cases is cheaper than a replacement, even if you have insurance with full coverage. Originality seal and seal Factory automobile is retained seepage water, air and land, typical change is avoided windshield. Avoid the risk of detachment of the windshield in an accident due to poor installation.

Typical repair times of less than 1 hour and can be done with a small additional cost, in the comfort of your home, office, workshop, etc. without requiring aftercare. A replacement takes an average of three hours and involves some setbacks Prevents moisture penetration to the inner plastic film (PVB) preventing delamination of the two sheets of glass. Keeps costs in insurance policies with wide coverage. Restores the glass surface to improve the performance .

Supports the ecology as a windshield is not a recyclable product (PVB plastic film) and pollution avoiding confinement what is the repair? Contrary to what many people think, the goal of reparation is not the turn invisible impact area, but to provide security to return to the windshield structural strength it had before being injured is not necessary to remove the windshield and only with this simple fact, your vehicle retains the original factory seal.

The aesthetic improvement of the impact is just one of the many benefits to be gained by choosing Dr. windshield repairs, however, it is important to mention that in all cases after repair will remain a small mark or scar on the point of impact, which is normal, resulting from an optical effect which varies according to location, shape and type. However, generally speaking, it is possible to achieve an improvement (haze) ranging from 60% to 95% aesthetically, making it unlikely that someone detects the repaired area if the impact site known. It is normal that the impact repaired a little more remarkable when viewed from inside the vehicle. Remember that the main objective of the windshield repair is to prevent future such crack.