Replacing the classic auto glass

Classic auto glass replacement is like the modern auto glass replacement as these cars have some of the basic components of modern cars. The only challenge for auto glass replacement is that it must find a distributor bodyworks garage that sells specialty glass for specific vintage car and model. Replacing lift gate glass in a vintage model can be tricky, but with a few tools can be done without having to visit a body shop.


  1. Wear goggles and gloves useful for protection against the dangers of glass. Apply canvas inside the vehicle to cover exposed upholstery.
  2. Remove the screws from the door panel with a screwdriver. Slide a spatula or tool to trim below the edge of the panel to lift the panel up and remove the clips of its four corners.
  3. Peel back the black strip that holds the protector weather in the panel and remove the shield door carefully. Set aside.
  4. If the glass is still intact, break glass with a hammer inside the vehicle. Remove all broken pieces of glass into smaller shards of glass out from inside the panel with a vacuum cleaner and vacuum panel.
  5. If necessary, use an adjustable wrench to remove the screw that holds the handle of the window within threshold. Place the new glass into the mounting window regulator until it cannot be pushed down any further. Use adjustable wrench to reposition the window crank bolt nut in place.
  6. Applying weather strip along the window frame. Apply a thin strip of urethane sealant on the weather strip so that it adheres to the glass window of the car safely.
  7. Replace all door panel components that were removed earlier. Back to the protective stapled weather in place before reinstalling the door panel.
  8. Set the panel in place by reapplying its four clips into their slots on the edge of the panel.