Windshield is one of the most safety devices in a vehicle and therefore its installation, repair or replacement should be done by an expert auto glass professional.

The windshield helps keep the overall structural integrity of different vehicles so proper installation is necessary for the reliability and safety. You must to know about the steps windshield replacement performed by an expert in repairing auto glass qualified.

Obtaining a replacement windshield

First, the experts first get a new windshield. In order to properly separate move, windshields utilize appropriate buffer such as quilts, etc. to prevent damage during transport. To make it more convenient, they are cut or eliminate existing urethane bead to about 1 mm or more in depth, if necessary. Sawing motion and a razor is used by them for this step.

Removing plastic envelope

Some clips are in the vehicle to maintain the windshield and these clips are small plastic pieces that are specific to the vehicle. Experts focus on holding the glass with such clips instead of molding as you will need the molding paste. The clips make the structure look good and keep it safe.

Urethane is cut

In third step involves cutting urethane from the outside between the body and the glass with a cold knife. The step takes time, depending on the time and the experience of expert auto glass repair. Urethane is flexible and strong enough to hold the glass and allows you to move and do not cracked against all the stress while driving.

To cut the urethane, a special type of knife is used with a dragging motion repeated. Some professionals make use of cutters energy for the process, but this can cause damage to the metal of the vehicle. Experts are aware of the amount of pressure needed to be put on the knife without causing breakage.

Body preparation

Preparation of body is a step that experts follow. Any visible dirt is cleaned through the brush and water. This is followed by the old urethane to about 3 mm thick and a razor blade is used to it. Also arrange oxidation problems and areas of bare metal are also prepared.

All these steps are followed windshield replacement my other more steps as preparing glass primer, apply urethane and place the windshield.