Steps to repair a cracked windshield

Steps to repair a cracked windshield

You always have to know the right way to complete certain household chores; these tasks we are talking about jobs do not involve day to day, such as laundry, cleaning and cooking utensils. Here, we are using the domestic work that must be completed to keep your home and belongings in good shape, is performing the proper maintenance of your home and belongings.

General knowledge of the home, you should know how to repair and reduced maintenance, pay attention to the steps of windshield repair or cracked front window of his car.

The windshield of your car may be damaged after being hit by a small object on the road and then crack it. No need to replace a chipped or cracked windshield new one because it can easily seal and fix it yourself. However, be sure to consult a professional if the crack is wider than the diameter of a coin.


  • Thoroughly clean the windshield of the car, for that, a glass cleaner and a rag high quality is needed. Carefully remove all excess dirt and loose glass from cracked area.
  • Next, you will need a suction cup. The car repair kits on the market always include a suction cup. The suction cup has to be placed at the end of a syringe filled with UV resin and then secured on the cracked area. UV resins are also called as light activated resins.
  • Now, you have to press the plunger of the syringe. Once fully press, pull slowly to remove air from the cracked part of the windshield. Again, press the plunger to push a little resin into the crack; do this at least ten times, then wait 30 minutes to cure the resin after each pressure (make sure the syringe always this next to the crack).
  • Once the previous step is completed successfully, remove the syringe and the suction cup windshield of the vehicle, use a razor blade to remove excess UV resin around the crack repaired; remember to be careful not to remove resin from the crack.