Installation of Auto glass in a Ford Explorer

You must install the new window glass in your Ford Explorer if the old glass was cracked in any way and especially if the window was completely broken and shattered. The glass used in an explorer is usually about 24 by 32 inches for front doors and 22 by 24 for rear doors. Consult an expert for the exact size you use for your model year Explorer auto glass. Once the correct glass, you must open the door trim panel to insert the glass inside your regulator.


  1. Lower the window regulator, if you have the old glass or not, in the lower part of the door. Remove the weather strip and exit the vehicle’s door opening window. Grab the strip at the end near the outer edge of the door (away from the door hinges). Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Separate the door trim panel. Remove the bezel from the door handle with a flat blade tool and remove the armrest switch control, disconnecting its electrical connectors. Remove all screws on the termination panel, including the one behind the control armrest. Lift the panel up from its retaining clips by grasping the opening control switch. Disconnect other connectors from Switchgear.
  3. Peel the water shield from the door. If the scanner has speakers on the door, remove them and the other screws that are way to remove the water shield.
  4. Remove the old glass, or the pieces of glass, if necessary. Remove the regulator holding bolts. If the glass is mostly intact, lift it up and out of the door. If the glass is broken pieces, carefully remove each piece individually and make sure that no fragments fall on the door frame.
  5. Insert the new window glass in the door and in the regulator. You can slide down through the opening in the door window, but, if possible, it would be easier to get up through the bottom of the door and then down into the regulator. Window bolt in place of the regulator.
  6. Replace the speakers on the door and the water shield. Replace the entire adjustment panel in the reverse order of disassembly. Place the weather strip in the opening of the window.