Installation uses Auto glass

Auto glass or windshield of a car, is the front window of a car that protects the occupants of a car from the elements. Auto windshields are typically made of tempered glass designed to break into many small pieces without sharp edges. Removing and replacing a windscreen is not a difficult job, but it is a job that can be done better by professional installers. However, the determined DIYer can follow a few steps.


  1. Remove the windshield wipers with a wrench. Seal any ventilation in front of the windshield with masking tape to prevent dirt and debris from falling into the vents. Cover the front seats with an old cloth to protect them from dirt and grime. Cover any other vents on the car’s dashboard to prevent glass and other particles from entering the vents.
  2. Unscrew the trim on the base of the windscreen with a screwdriver. Remove any other adjustment on the windshield. Embed the tip of a windshield removal tool on the rubber seal on the edge of the windshield, but make sure it does not hit the glass. Following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to safely handle the windshield removal tool, cut the rubber seal on the edge of the windshield, dragging the cutting tool around the windshield several times. Apply enough pressure to the windshield removal tool while cutting to ensure that the cutting tip penetrates deep into the rubber seal.
  3. Reclining the front seats of the car. Lie back in the driver’s seat, put one foot on each side of the windshield and gently push out the windshield, but do not kick the glass. Has an assistant grab the glass to prevent it from falling and to remove it. Pull the remaining rubber seal around the windshield frame. Remove the old sealant on the edge of the metal structure with a spatula. Clean the edges of the metal frame with a rag.
  4. Prepare the glass by applying primer, especially with the urethane adhesive on the black band around the windshield perimeter. Apply a consistent layer of adhesive urethane around the metal edge of the windshield frame, a caulking gun. Mount the glass carefully over the opening and align the upper, lower and sides of the windshield to the metal structure. Press the windshield carefully to allow the adhesive layer to spread a little.
  5. Allow the adhesive system for the recommended time, then reinstall the ornaments. Keep in mind that the adhesive must heal completely before the vehicle can be driven. Replace the windshield wipers and clean the windshield.

Tips and warnings

  • Wear gloves and eye protection when removing a windshield.
  • Do not exert excessive pressure on the glass, or any part of it, to prevent accidentally breaking the glass.
  • Make sure you have enough help to lift and move the new glass in place.
  • A badly installed windshield can cause damage or contribute to a vehicle accident.