How to take a windshield

Disconnect and remove any object that may get in the way of the windshield. Unscrew the antenna if the radio is in the front of the machine. Remove the rear view mirror from the interior by removing the mounting screws and slide it out of its base. Remove the clips or screws that hold the wipers.

Tape above the heating and air conditioning vents directly on the windshield with tape. This is especially necessary if the windshield is broken in some way, since it prevents debris from falling into the vents.

Check the condition of the gasket that surrounds the windshield. If it has become broken or hardened, it should be replaced with the windshield. If it is still in good condition, you can save it and use it with the new glass.

Cut the rubber seal with a sharp, flat-bladed knife, if you are not keeping it. You have to go in just beating the cup and it will stay in parallel with it, do not hit the glass. Cut through the rubber all the way around the circumference of the cup.

Perform a wooden stick all the way through the outside of the rubber gasket, if you intend to use it again. This will break the adhesive seal that maintains the seal of the machine structure. This is necessary if you are replacing the original glass manufacturer.

Turn on the machine and push the glass from the inside. Push the wooden stick against the top of the cup, while pushing it closer to the bottom with your foot. Do not put in the glass. Do you have an assistant was on the hood and take the falling glass.

Remove the rubber gasket from the glass if it can be reused with the new windshield.