Installation Instructions windscreen on a BMW Z4

To avoid paying extra money in fees to stations mechanics, some owners of BMW Z4 choose to install a windshield for themselves. If you had to remove the windshield above either to repair or replace your BMW Z4, can replace the windshield of your vehicle yourself in an instant. You can take the tools needed for the job nearest store for cars.


  1. Clean around the edges of the windshield frame with a rag to remove the adhesive accumulated around the windshield frame previously deleted.
  2. Apply a thin coat of a windshield around the edges of the new windshield. Sealant fixed to the bottom of the windshield. The sealant should be at the midpoint in the bottom part of the heavy sealing inside and outside the slot.
  3. Nylon string tied around the outer groove of the windshield. This allows you to set the rubber rim in place when you put the windshield to the structure.
  4. Raise the windshield under your BMW. Tap the screen against the frame for a few minutes to allow the sealant to set in place.
  5. Enter the driver’s seat to the bottom and pull the nylon cord through the bottom of the windshield. This will cause the rubber rim securely snaps into place. Clean the windshield and the dashboard to be sure that no debris in the vents of your Z4.