Instructions for replacing car windows

You can replace the car windshield in your garage at home with the help of a friend. You can save some money by finding a windshield that is in good condition at auto wrecking yard. Replacing windshield means to remove the old one and installing a new one, the use of urethane sealant and a gasket to hold it in place. Because the windshield is a very important safety measure, it is vital to ensure that it is properly installed. Have it inspected by a mechanic after you finished, ensuring that you did the job properly.


  1. Loosen the retaining nuts on the wiper with a wrench. Pry up with a flathead screwdriver, and remove them from the base.
  2. Put on heavy gloves to protect your hands from glass and tools.
  3. Pry the rubber seal around the windshield with a pry tool, and pull out the window.
  4. Slide a wire under the windshield to break the seal of urethane. Run all around the windshield. Sit inside the vehicle, and drive out the windshield, while friend picks it up from the outside.
  5. Scrape the old urethane cord opening windshield, using a knife.
  6. Place the new gasket in a warm place until it is more flexible.
  7. Place the gasket on the new windshield with the groove of the board to the outside of the vehicle. Run a thin bead of sealant along the bottom of the channel around the joint.
  8. Spread Vaseline on the outer groove of the board. Run a nylon rope in this slot, leaving a foot of cord hanging each end. Be sure to start and end at the bottom center of the board.
  9. Put the windshield in the opening from outside the vehicle, while assistant sitting in the driver’s seat, helps to guide into place. Make sure the wires are hanging inside the vehicle.
  10. Have your assistant pull one end of the cable all the way around the windshield and pulling the lip in the car. Push on the board with your fingers from the outside of the vehicle.
  11. Allow the sealer to dry for 48 hours before driving.