Removing the film auto glass fume

Sometimes the cost of buying a cheap used car is smoked film improperly installed or window with scratches on it. Fume film may have improperly installed air bubbles trapped in it and can reduce visibility, which are the reasons for removal.

Window film is made of two layers. The adhesive layer in the tinted window film is strong and can be difficult to see on the glass of the car because it is transparent and colorless. The process to remove the film smoked glass car can last up to three hours.


  1. Cut a black garbage bag so it is the shape of the window you want to remove the film smoked. You will need two window coverings for each window is tinted.
  2. Spray soapy water on the outside of the window you want to work and place a cover black garbage bag cut into the outside of the window. Smooth plastic floor on the window with his hand. The soapy water will help the bag sticking to the window. In addition, covering the window with the black bag will absorb the sun’s heat, especially on a hot day, removing the film smoked a simpler task.
  3. Place a tarp inside the car, under the window you want to remove the film smoked. This will protect the car interior cleaning products.
  4. Put on your mask, gloves and safety glasses. Ammonia has a strong odor and should not inhale its fumes.
  5. Spray the film smoked with undiluted ammonia.
  6. Place the second black plastic bag covered window you cut on the side of the window just sprayed ammonia while ammonia is still wet. Soak the cap smoked in ammonia for one hour.
  7. Peel the film smoked. After removing the black plastic interior window, use a razor blade or knife to carefully lift the film fume one of the corners of the window putty. Pull the film with your fingers to remove the entire film at a time. Use ammonia to keep the film wet dyed as you do this. Use the knife or razor blade to lift parts of the polarized film that emerge as a shot at him.
  8. Use steel wool and ammonia to remove residual adhesive left of the window. Clean ammonia with paper towels before it dries.
  9. Remove the black plastic exterior window and clean the window with glass cleaner.