Replace the windshield of your car

Replace the windshield of your car vehicle occupants. But most people do not know the windshield is designed for structural safety in case of accident, especially a rollover. A windshield is a safety element third most important vehicle behind the seat belts and airbags.

So if you have a damaged windshield the air bag may not function properly. Actually, you can inflate the cavity of the windshield, rather than to you. Or will not absorb any pressure because the windshield simply pushes out.

Most consumers are not aware that when technicians replace the windshield, is not significant scratching to the “body” where the bonds of glass in the car. These scratches should be prepped using paint and rust prevention measures. They should just leave streaks exposed on the outside humidity can cause mold to develop.

Replace the windshield of your car

Here are some questions you should ask your auto glass company:

  • It is the new OEM glass?
  • Is the brand label on the windshield are removed?
  • Does the new glass has a color band that corresponds to their age, glass?
  • Is the new windshield glass of the same color? (Colored glass really is, is not clear)
  • Does your windshield has a rain sensor?
  • The windshield is heated? (Companies installed without heating and the heating load)
  • Does the windshield has adequate support for your rear view mirror?
  • Is the new windshield have the same third viewer as his old glass? (The black painted design you can see all the mirror in most cars)
  • Are using a universal molding or the actual molding of your vehicle?
  • Do you pay the company to fix paint scratches, if done by the auto glass technician?

Always inspect a piece of glass from scratches and distortion before installation.

Types of windshields

A windshield is actually two layers of glass with a laminate material between the layers, which is called “laminated glass”. Laminated glass is extremely difficult to perforate or tear. That’s why a large object like a stunt man, can impact the windshield without breaking. The resistance of laminated glass combined with proper adhesion of the windshield to the body of the car provides a massive resistance against roof collapse in a rollover.

All other windows of your vehicle are “tempered glass”, which means they break into small fragments to reduce injuries to occupants. (A small fraction of the vehicles are also side and rear windows rolled)

Urethane windshield

Vehicles today use as urethane adhesive for bonding the windshield of the vehicle, as a glue. Some urethane after complete curing can take 2-4 weeks, up to 500 pounds per square inch of pressure. That’s one reason I could never simply push the windshield out. Impossible! Some urethane allowed to drive away in an hour after the windshield installation, sufficient to support the vehicle accidents hardening. When you have completely finished, be sure to inspect the interior of your vehicle around the edge of the cup. Make sure urethane has not seeped in sight or inside your vehicle. This is more common than people think and needs to be corrected immediately before hardening of the glue!

The urethane is normally heated, then applied to glass or vehicle body to high temperature. Depending on where you live or application, you can use different types of urethane, even at low temperatures is applied which is not heated. The temperature has a huge impact on the qualities of adhesion of the windshield. This is easy if you have the glass replaced within a store or in a shaded area. Direct sunlight can heat the windshield over 125 degrees!

Replace the windshield of your car

Urethane has an expiration date, so be sure to ask about this before a technician begins replacing their vehicle glass. The use of expired urethane means a minimum of binding energy and the windshield has a chance to get out during an impact. Everything is made of urethane with expiration date printed on the tubes.

Scratches paint, rust and proper installation of windshield

Deep scratches vehicles can become major problems later. Humidity will enter through a scratch and rust attack your body vehicles later. For people who live on the ocean, this can be disastrous for the structural integrity of your vehicle on the road near the windshield. If you are buying a used vehicle, be sure to check around the rim of the glass and the molding of evidence of rust. Rust will spread under the paint, it is incredibly aggressive.

If mold extends to the “pinch weld” which is where the urethane is placed, the urethane no adherence and a windshield leaks or can even be carried out. This can cause thousands of dollars in damage from water leaks or even cause death in an accident! If mold moves in this area the technician must remove it before applying urethane, or the vehicle must be sent to a workshop for repair.

Make sure the technical preparation and takes steps to repair scratches on pitched. There primers, metal mold preparation of chemicals, and other ways to cover scratches to reduce the occurrence or spread of rust. The most important areas are water your body will communicate with vehicles, especially under the exterior trim. This adjustment is not sealed between the body and water glass. The seal water comes drop urethane.

It is very important that you look at the installation of glass of the vehicle, if possible, not only on foot. If a professional technician cannot do the work while you watch, they should not be working in your vehicle and call someone else. A technician can make significant scratching paint your exterior paint job with inadequate techniques. Some even use nail polish or paint to hide the damage. Some even rub dirt in the ground up to make it look old! Make sure the technician uses a vehicle protective equipment such as seat covers, floor mats, ribbons on the vehicle body in which it is close to the cup, and a protective mat on the hood.


Car windshield aftermarket

Do not be fooled into thinking a windshield replacement is the same as a glass of OEM. Aftermarket windshields are made using reverse engineering instead of the original mold and OEM production line.

Aftermarket glass tends to have a more visible light distortion when the vessel is at an angle, and the dimensions are not exactly the same as an OEM. All glass that bends has some distortion level, yes, but it is much worse with manufacturing aftermarket. You can even see the distortion when looking through the glass directly aftermarket.

Aftermarket glass is transported through different processes that a merchant OEM glass. A lot of OEM glass is transported covered by plastic film and the use of strict shipping techniques and the edges of the windshield are protected by foam packaging. But glass is transported aftermarket therefore different practices. Most car companies use any protective glass covering the entire surface of the glass for transport. And sometimes pieces of glass have been returned to the customers and places dealer. So aftermarket glass has been handled many times!

Rain sensors and other outlets accessories such as heated glass

If your vehicle has a rain sensor should be located near the rear view mirror. Many times it looks like a circle, square or triangle. This option allows wipers to speed up or slow down depending on the amount of rain automatically. Be sure to get the same crystal designed. If the rain sensor consists of a gel patch, make sure that the technician does not leave a lot of air bubbles when installed. These air bubbles can cause a malfunction of the sensor.


Bands windshield shade and color windshield

All the auto glass has a color shade. Windscreens are completely clear. Typical shading colors are blue, green, bronze and gray. Make sure to get the same color. You will see that all the pieces of glass on your vehicle are the same color, except privacy glass and dye.

A windshield may have a shade band at the top near the roof of the vehicle. This area is preferential. You must decide whether you like it or not. It tends to hide the edge of the head interior sign when looking at the vehicle from the outside. Shadow bands come in different colors, but not all windshield

Most windshields can be ordered without a color band at all. But you can find the piece is actually more expensive because fewer people ask. Having a shade band provides some shade in the middle of the sun visors, but does little to shade the sun drastically. Note that the color band will darkest night.

Exterior trim and moldings

Your vehicle may be exterior trim frames or cover the edge of the cup and / or cover the edge of the car body. If the molding is made of rubber, make sure you know what the technician uses to replace it. Some companies now require only a molding technicians use aftermarket universal type, rather than one that is specially designed for your car. There should also be a part of molding OEM available, which is exactly the same as the original molding. Note that the cost to the OEM is always more.

You can see molding plastic and / or metal covering the edge of the windshield on the outside. Typically these have some type of plastic or metal clips that they adhere to the glass or body vehicles. Make sure the company replaced the broken clips or parts of the removal of these parts. If your vehicle has more than 3 years, these pieces become very fragile and easily damaged. You can be warned about the pieces that always break, in which the acquiring company may request that part soon. You can find a lot of companies simply stick the pieces in place, rather than replace broken parts.  Replace the windshield of your car.