Removing scratches from windshield with a polishing compound

The windshield of the car can be scratched, marked and be ground due to dirt flying through the air, especially on highways. How to replace windshield can be expensive in the shops of cars sold kits to repair scratches glasses. These kits provide the essential tools to repair the glass.

Polishing compound that is included in the kit is the key ingredient to polish scratches. However, polishing does not eliminate the cracks and in these cases it is better to change the windshield.

  1. Clean the windshield with soap and water before to remove excess dirt. Dry it with a cloth.
  2. Place masking tape over the damaged to prevent spills on surrounding areas area.
  3. Polishing compound mixture with water, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Apply polishing compound over the damaged area with the plastic knife area included in the kit. Remove excess polish complex with the knife.
  5. Place an accessory to polish to a drill and use it at a low speed. Polished glass with the drill until the scratches disappear. Polish excessively high speeds or more can damage the surface, therefore, be moderate when you luster to remove the scratches.
  6. Applies a treatment for the windshield glass to protect it from the damage caused by snow, mud and water.

Tips & Warnings:

  • When you mix the polishing compound with water, use distilled water to avoid contamination with running water pollution. Practice on a piece of glass that does not serve to achieve a smoother surface repair.
  • If you are locking the nail when you go on the glass, hire a professional. Such scratches may be too deep to repair a polishing kit. Use protective gloves when working with the polish for you to avoid skin irritation. For best results, do not work in direct sunlight.